It’s your time and you know it.  Everything in your sphere of influence has been yelling “Hey Gurl Hey, it’s time to honor your calling.”  You have been bombarded with thoughts of living a more purposeful life, one where you look forward to each day…including Mondays.  Where your alarm clock becomes a dust collector as it’s no longer needed. And Sundays can truly be a day for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Making every day, Friday!

It's Time: Narrate Your Own Story


But, for some reason, you’re still sitting here over-analyzing the steps needed to make your dreams come true.  You have talked yourself out of ideal situations more times than you can remember. Yet, you stay committed to the dreams, success, and goals of everyone around you but your own. 


It’s time to stop wondering whether there’s more to your life because there is much more.  It’s time to invest in your authentic self, by stepping into your abundance, boldness, and bravery.  Tap into your genius zone, as your story is the key to saving others to include you. Leverage your trials and turn them into a triumphant tell of truth and beauty.


Are you ready to control your life and legacy?  As there is something specific that you must do, and it can’t be delegated to anyone else.  The reclaiming of your power and authority over your fears is required. You’re allowed to serve yourself, even though it may be difficult.  For as women, we’re trained to serve others unconditionally and without complaint.   


So, why not place your vulnerabilities on display?  To pay homage to your pain and struggles. It’s about highlighting your strength, courage, and confidence for all the world to see.  And it doesn’t matter what the nay-sayers think, because the rules they follow aren’t for brilliant souls like you. By virtue, you have everything needed to bring your full self into focus and own your story.  Because you are enough!  


The time for libheration has come, and the call to adventure is before you.  It’s time to align your personality with your purpose in life. Move toward those things that sparkle at you.  By embarking on a new journey via this personal, intentional and tailor-made e-course. Where you will be invited to dream, trust and affirm that inner voice that’s tethered to the essence of your being.  Over the next few months, you will join a tribe of free thinking, powerful and brave women. For the benefit of elevating your life with meaning, substance, and character to narrate your own story. The path has been laid out in separate modules giving you complete control over your growth process.  And when the burdens get heavy, plug into our tribe for reinforcement, truth, collaboration, celebration, and a few love sessions.


The time of your life isn’t waiting…So, why are you?


Act now, reclaim your life, and recommit to your dreams by narrating your own story!



I have a plethora of mantras, and one of them reads, “If it’s for me, then it’s for me and only me.”  I am distinct, distinguishable, definite—as are you.  Even knowing this, mastering myself took time; it’s an active process, and there’s nothing passive about it.  Deconstructing demeaning ideas and ideals was grueling.  I was forced to call upon the young me, the girl that had comprehension and reading challenges until high school.  The girl who towered over her classmates and had to repeat the second grade.  That sweet and non-combative soul who held the torch alone so that I could survive…I owe her everything.  As I continue charting the territory on this hero’s journey, there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s the real champion in this story of liberation.  As I emerge from the dark corridor having wrestled with my deepest pains, struggles, and triumphs, I’m certain this will not be the last trip into that stratosphere.  Traumatically, I have come to realize and accept fully that my once dark place will serve as a source of light, enlightenment, and self-acceptance for those around me.


There were no quick fixes during my journey of awareness.  I had to begin paying more attention to the subtle cues in my life.  Slowing down has been extremely difficult, but I have gotten better.  Mastering myself is a work of patience, diligence, and art.  Which helped me realize it wasn’t necessary to abandon all the things in my past.  I could bring forward things like burning incense in my house, which my mother did daily.  I could announce with pride that I’m from the east side of Buffalo instead of saying Western New York when asked.  And finally, I can now celebrate me unapologetically because I am a project girl.


  • Module 1- $155 - Hey Gurl Hey…It’s your time
  • Module 2 - $134 - Temet Nosce
  • Module 3 - $169 - Self-Doubt and Mind Games
  • Module 4 - $125 - Growth mindset

  • Module 5 - $149 - Who Gives a Fu*K?\

  • Module 6 - $179 - Fail-Up

  • Module 7 - $167 - Make a Decision…

  • Module 8 - $159 - Resilience

  • Module 9 - $153 - Start where you are

  • Module 10 - $153 - Time

  • Module 11 - $153 - Pain and Joy

  • Module 12 - $153 - For the “Love” of…

Total Value = $1729  
Today One Time Price of Only $150 - Saving of $1579
Limited Time. Limited Space.


Hello Beautiful…get ready for a transformational journey filled with Clarity, Growth, Freedom, and a Framework to reclaim your Life!

This e-course is your jump start to Reassess, Reflect, Reimagine, Restart, and Reignite your Mindset to creativelyRedesign your life, so you can Narrate your own Story!

Being a woman is terrific but at times it can be tough.  Often, we're so busy taking care of our families, communities, friends and our clients and staying afloat is arduous.  It seems we never have time to focus on our own mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and occupational development.
Would you agree? Does this sound familiar?

Ladies, if you don't TAKE the time to love on yourself, another year will pass you by!  This is your indoctrination into the life you’ve always imagined!  Infused with engaging activities, hands-on worksheets, and inspirational videos so YOU can attract your best life.


  • Entrepreneurs who are stuck

  • Single/Divorced Women who carry a bankrupt mentality.

  • Individuals wanting to start a business but don’t know where to start!

  • Women looking for a career change.

  • Stay at home Moms who want more out of life.

  • Recent College graduates.

  • Women who want to change their fixed mindset!

What you will learn from Tamara L McMillan:

  • Learn how she went from a fixed mindset to living an abundant lifestyle.

  • Learn how she mastered the art of leveraging failure.

  • Learn how she built her business from her passion for speaking!

  • Learn how this mom rebuilt a life of peace, and joy after divorce.

  • Learn how she developed a bad-a** tribe, that holds her up and accountable.

You will learn:

  • How to MASTER your mindset

  • How to change your LIMITING BELIEFS and replace them with positive affirmations that will transform your life!

  • How to CREATE a daily routine.

  • How to CLARIFY your goals.

  • How to DESIGN your best life using the law of attraction.

  • How to maximize the POWER of Self-Awareness.

  • How to CHANGE the way you view Failure.

  • How to ELIMINATE bad habits that impede your process.

  • How to get what you want out of YOUR LIFE.

  • And so much more!


You will capture a clearer vision of self and design a framework to implement immediately so YOU can begin narrating your own story!


  • 24-HOUR Personalized access to your e-course portal
  • Priceless e-course content and materials
  • 12 inviting, intentional and in-depth Modules
  • One module per month
  • Accompanying videos and printable worksheets to extend the learning 
  • Success is in the Accountability! You will have access to an Exclusive FB/LinkedIn group where you will interact with other like-minded women (tribe) 
  • PLUS:  There will be special intimate online sessions with Tamara, where she will provide even more tips, tricks and hacks she has capitalized on


  • Daily\Weekly\Monthly–At your own pace, at a time and location designated by you…so YOU can begin Narrating your own Story.
  • An Abundant Mindset
  • $150!!! YES ONLY $150 for an experience created with YOU in mind!!


  • Module 1- $155 - Hey Gurl Hey…It’s your time
  • Module 2 - $134 - Temet Nosce
  • Module 3 - $169 - Self-Doubt and Mind Games
  • Module 4 - $125 - Growth mindset

  • Module 5 - $149 - Who Gives a Fu*K?\

  • Module 6 - $179 - Fail-Up

  • Module 7 - $167 - Make a Decision…

  • Module 8 - $159 - Resilience

  • Module 9 - $153 - Start where you are

  • Module 10 - $153 - Time

  • Module 11 - $153 - Pain and Joy

  • Module 12 - $153 - For the “Love” of…

Total Value = $1729  
Today One Time Price of Only $150 - Saving of $1579
Limited Time. Limited Space.


You don’t need all the answers.  As the journey begins right here with you…so, stop hesitating and invest in yourself today!


Tamara, it is always a pleasure to see you doing what you love.  Your energy is contagious.

S. Ragland

Your story sheds a light of hope for a better mental and emotional place for me.

Nubia H.

Your first para made me smile.  I still REMAIN SO PROUD of you and all that u stand on and for


I’m really, really impressed with your book.  It’s well laid out; the subject matter was on point and your personal antidotes served me well.

Stan M.

Being a woman in today’s society is hard.  We’re up against a lot of battles because of our skin color, our intelligence and the way we love.  Liberation Now was the blueprint to young women like myself to show us how amazing creatures we are.  No matter what the situation is; we fight, and we fight hard.  This is a very good read ladies!

Nikita S.

You have inspired me to do two things…Acknowledge to the world that I’m ready for more and create the title of my book.

Dr. Quicksey


In love and libHERation,


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